Wong Wei Him

The tale of two

'You are imperfect and I’m imperfect.

We just combine together all the imperfections

and take them to everywhere we go.'

Like many beautiful things in life, I believe the longer time

it takes to develop a photography project, the better it can become.

Some photos might not be the best candidate at this moment

could become an important missing piece at the end.

In photography, time is my only best friend.

'A Tale of Two' is one of my favorite topic that

keeps coming back to me along my photography journey.

Whenever I see a twin (or a déjà vu moment within one frame)

I cannot resist to capture. It becomes a metaphor on what

if there is another me experiencing a total different life,

or multiplying my time by acting as the subject 'me'?

There is so always many things I want to do, and

so little time, both in architecture and photography.


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