Somewhere in-between

Our perception of a city can be described by two perspectives, the way it was portrayed by social medium or news, and the way one actually experienced through own eyes and feet.  While the former is characterized by its architecture and events happening being recorded and edited, the later is relatively random and personal.

Somewhere in-between captures the insignificant parts of Hong Kong, and the arrangement of things that remind us both the unpredictability and imperfection of life.  Architects shape how people work and live, but this is just the very beginning.  In time, the city and the citizens evolve what architects and designers have created in forms of addition or subtraction.  Most of these changes are unaesthetic, sometimes unintentional and most of the time unforeseeable.  I am interested in these phenomenon. Photography allows me to record these changes over time. It is an art form about observation of our society.

"A building has at least two lives - the one imagined by its maker and the life it lives afterward - and they are never the same."— Rem Koolhaass

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