Wong Wei-him (b.1975) is a street photographer and an architect based in Hong Kong. 

At first, I use camera to capture inspirations; interesting architectures, peculiar spaces or exquisite design details, for my design projects. It then becomes a habit that I bring my camera with me wherever I go. When I see anything that intrigues or touches me, I take out my camera and photograph it.  It was until I came across Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt and Japanese street photographer Shin Noguchi, so particular their works and the angle they reflect culture and humanity through their photos, I decided to make street photography.  Ever since photography has turned into one of my passions.

email: photo@wongweihim.com


1975.12       Born in Vancouver, BC

1999.06     Graduated from McGill University, Bachelor of Science (Arch)

2001.06    Graduated from University of Hong Kong, Master of Architecture

2010.10      Established In-between Architects

2016.10     FotoFete by Asia Society Hong Kong, Finalist

2018.10    The Independent Photographer Street Photography Award 2018 | Editor's Pick

2019.01     National Geographic Wheelock Hong Kong Photo Contest 2018, City | Top 50 Finalist

2019.12     WMA Masters 2019/20 ‘Light’ | Finalist

2020.04   Italian Street Photo Festival 2020, Single Photo Finalist

2121.09   C Type Magazine Open Call 'Survival' | Finalist

2022.10  Star Ferry • Sails with HK Together - The “Star” Ferry Photo Competition 2022

| Honorable Mention


2021.03   PORTAL(渡) group online exhibition by Cheung Chau Wave

2021.05   'Ferry Tale', by Inter-Island Festival, Hong Kong

2021.08   'Island Portal', group exhibition by Cheung Chau Wave, Hong Kong

2021.09   WMA masters 2019/20 ‘Light’ , Seen Fifteen Gallery, London

2022.03   CType Mag | 'Fake' Exhibition

2022.08  'Island(ed)' group exhibition by WMA, Hong Kong

2022.09  Window & Alley 窗後巷 | 'Your Shadow by the Sea'《你的影子在海邊》, Hong Kong


2018.10    Lomography | Stunning Street Snaps with Architect Wong Wei-Him and the Lomo LC-A Minitar-1 Art Lens

2018.03   The Phoblographer | Wong Wei-him shares his connection with Hong Kong's Iconic Harbor


2022.10   Tofu Collective | Cream of Life

2022.06  Eyeshot Journal | Behind the Looking Glass

2021.09   C Type Magazine | 'What We Talk About When We Talk About Survuval'

2020.02   Portfolio Featuring by FramePress Magazine written by Chiara Mirra

2019.12    Float Magazine | Hong Kong, Somewhere In-between

2019.05   Eyeshot Journal | Hong Kong, One the Waterfront

2019.02   SEEN-Magazine | On the waterfront Wei-him Wong (Hong Kong, China)

2018.07   Photo/Foto Magazine | Folio: On the Waterfront by Wong Wei-him


2021.09   Light (WMA) by Morelbooks

2021.03  BURNT, zine by bumpbooks edited by David Solomons

2019.07  Surreal Estate by FLOAT Magazine x Casual Science

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