Wong Wei Him

Hong Kong, Hope Finds You Well | Dec 2019

During this distressful time in Hong Kong, there have been just too many news circulated around that no one can possibly follow or digest. None can really tell if news is truly or simply “fact-ional”.

Time flows from beginning to infinitive future in one and only dimension. Our mind is like a time machine that allow us to revisit our past, but the images of the past and the nostalgia for our past cannot be extracted from our mind graphically to shared with others.

Can a photo still tell a thousand words? The walks of life in these photos have gone parallel peacefully with the unpleasant instance. Alternative facts have entered the realm of truths through the shutter of a camera. I intend to exhibit these photos in pairs, depicting their blatant difference and yet unveiling their hidden things in common.

“No matter how difficult it is, I believe, there is a light somewhere in the deep dark awaiting us.” - Kiki Kirin

Hope Finds You Well, Hong Kong - A letter in form of photos addressed to HKers. It is a gentle whisper that reflects the other dimension in our city. The souls captured in the picture I may not know, but so real are men existing. By all means, I wish them all well.

-- WWH

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