Wong Wei-Him

On August 11th, a girl was eye-shot and injured during a conflict between protesters and police. It has been the 10th consecutive week of anti-government protest since the June 9th one-million people marched on the streets in Hong Kong. This on-going project <Burn> is my response to the recent political climate of my home city. All photos are taken between June and October 2019.

'The reasoning behind this burn on film is indeed both mechanical and chemical, a phenomenon that might happen on first frame of the roll. It is a ritual towards the uncertain. When loading film into camera, half of the first frame was over-exposed to the surrounding light while the second half was still inside the aluminum shell, creating this magnificent scar between what can be seen and unseen. Ignore it one could possibly do, there many good full frames along the way; to understand and acknowledge it, the imperfection and metaphor in this burn could stands out among others.'


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